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Jewellery Care Guide

At Ritzin, we believe in providing you quality products with all care and love. As you are cautious about your jewels, we too take care of your needs. So,

How to take care of your Jewelry.

Here we have some ways for you through which you can take care of your diamond Jewelry:

  1. Keep your diamond jewelry in a padded box- Keeping your jewelry in a padded box protects them from unwanted chemicals to react with it. It also helps in an airtight atmosphere and helps in preventing unwanted stains. You can also put them in an airtight polybag.

  2. Keep it away from the sink- We may often remove our ring before washing hands, it may get drop into the basin and can get lost forever. So, take a precaution to not keep your ring on the rim.

  3. Put your jewelry on last when getting ready- Put on your cosmetics, lotion perfumes before putting on your jewelry. Keep your Diamond Jewelry away from these kinds of chemicals it may tarnish the metal.

  4. Do not touch your diamond often- Avoid touching the center stone of your ring, it will leave oil and dirt on the stone making it cloudy or you can have to clean it with a gentle cloth everytime you touch it to avoid making it cloudy.

  5. Clean it monthly- On Monthly basis you can use different methods to clean your jewelry. Some of which we have listed on our instagram account, you can follow @jewelenofficial to get updates. One of the popular methods is to use boiling water, put aluminium foil ball in it and 1 teaspoon of baking soda and then the ring. Keep the water boiling with these ingredients and ring. Remove it after 1 minute and your ring is cleaned. You can use many other methods like dishwashing liquid foam, mild soap, soft toothbrush etc to clean.

  6. Get it to a professional jeweler to get advanced cleaning- Sometimes cleaning and maintaining the jewelry can be difficult at that time you have to visit the jeweler to keep your diamond jewelry sparkling and shining. This case can be when you have a 14k white gold ring pure Diamond or lab diamond ring. The jeweler or here at Ritzin will use machines to clean and sparkle it. We here use extensive care in cleaning your jewel and bringing the best version of it.

For any assistance in this section you can have advice from our expert team available 24/7 for your assistance.