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Stone Guide

At Ritzin, we believe in delighting your world just like our gems, by providing Four + Three C’s of Ritzin as Cut, Carat, Clarity, Color, Creative, Contended and Conscious Diamonds. Here, we would like to tell you to choose the right stone for your setting. So,

How to choose the right Stone for your Ring?

  1. Diamonds- The Real is irreplaceable. If you have a good budget nothing can beat a Real Diamond Ring. Here at Ritzin, we offer different types of real Diamond stones such as Rough diamonds, slice diamonds, salt and pepper and many more. All these stones are natural beauty of nature. Selecting the right diamond is a wrong statement as all diamonds are the creation of nature, so the brighter and clear diamond you choose the more will you have to pay. All we can say is choose a diamond if you love luxury, the real beauty of nature, a good amount of budget.

  2. Lab Diamonds- Lab Diamonds also known as conflict-free diamonds. Let us tell you, yes they are real diamonds. They are made purely from carbon just like diamonds. They are made by two processes that differentiate them from diamonds. Thus, there are two types of lab diamonds CVD and HPHT. In Layman Terms, you can define that one is grown by creating pressure underneath and the other is grown in the lab. So, Choose a lab diamond if you have an economic budget as lab diamonds are 30- 40% cheaper than Diamonds if you are the one who cares for nature.

  3. Moissanites- Questions often people ask is what are Moissanites? Well, Moissanite is almost a diamond but not a real diamond. They are made in Lab and cost far less than a diamond. So, if you love to wear many rings and not only one you can opt for moissanite jewelry. To make you informed about moissanite, they stand 9.25 on Mohs scale of hardness. They reflect a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do. So, you can opt for a Moissanite Ring if you have less budget, want to use it for daily use, want something that looks like diamond and want to have many but not one.

  4. Gemstone- Gemstones are colored stones of minerals. They are less durable than diamonds but are colourful while diamonds are colorless. If you love wearing colorful jewelry and make a statement then you can choose gemstones. Gemstones like ruby and sapphire are almost hard on durability tests. So, if you like to wear jewels for daily use you can use ruby and sapphire for your jewels. When it comes to price comparison , diamonds are as rare, precious and expensive as gemstones. So, choose your gemstones wisely.

These were the types of gemstones and guide to choose the correct one for yourself. We have listed the criterias on which you can select one for yourself.

For any assistance in this section you can have advice from our expert team available 24/7 for your assistance.